The Protecting Religious Assembly in States of Emergency (PRAISE) Act

Introduction The PRAISE Act has been drafted as model legislation to ensure that future states of emergency, including future pandemics or health emergencies, cannot be exploited or abused to take away a citizen’s fundamental right to religious freedom. Although 22 states have already adopted legislation protecting religious assembly in times of emergency, 28 states are in dire need of additional
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ACTION ALERT: Critical Vote in Ohio for Life and Parental Rights

On November 7, Ohio goes to the polls to consider Issue 1, which would establish a state constitutional right to “make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to” decisions about abortion, contraception, and sterilization. A NO vote on Issue 1 will stop the radical left from successfully engaging in an all-out blitz to pass an
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ACTION ALERT: Critical Ohio Ballot Initiative

On August 8, Ohio goes to the polls to consider Issue 1, which would raise the vote threshold for passing amendments to the state constitution from 50% to 60%. A YES vote on Issue 1 will prevent well-funded groups from outside the state from waging campaigns of disinformation to achieve leftist political goals. The radical left is already gearing up
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Fighting Back Against Biden’s Anti-Christian Department of Health and Human Services

Time and again the Biden Administration has used the power of the administrative state to infringe on the First Amendment rights of Christians. The latest attack came recently, when the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) threatened to strip Medicare funding from a Catholic hospital for merely following Catholic teachings. Thankfully, public outcry staved off disaster, but it is
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Biden’s New Budget Is a Dystopian Radical Left Socialist Wish List

The President’s FY 2024 budget was just released; unfortunately, it represents more of the same Biden agenda, advocating for a wish list of radical Left ideas and advancing harmful policies at the expense of American families. Just a few of the many out-of-touch ideological priorities and policies in the budget request are below: Accelerating Out-of-Control Government Spending. Within 10 years,
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Memo: Dark Money Push for Abortion-On-Demand in Ohio

TO: Interested Parties FROM: ACLJ Action, Inc. DATE: February 22, 2023 RE: Ohio Pro-Abortion Amendment Proposal This week a leftist pro-abortion political action committee and a dark money nonprofit submitted a constitutional amendment to the Ohio Attorney General, beginning the process for including a constitutional amendment on the ballot.  The proposed amendment would nullify Ohio’s pending heartbeat bill, and could
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House Passes Bill to Protect You from the IRS

The first bill passed by the Republican House of Representatives in the 118th Congress was the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act. It was passed along party lines: 221-210, and now goes to the Senate. The bill rescinds previously appropriated appropriations and authorizations for the IRS in Joe Biden and the Democrats’ green new deal legislation passed last year.
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KY Poll – 10/22

KY Statewide 10-22 Topline KY Statewide 10-22 Xtabs
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11,000+ ACLJ Action Supporters Directly Challenge VA’s Abortion-On-Demand Rule

Over the last week, 11,214 ACLJ Action members and supporters filed public comments challenging  the Biden Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) illegal interim final rule (IFR) that would allow abortion-on-demand up until the point of birth. ACLJ Action submissions represent 19.4% of the total 57,902 comments filed regarding the rule. Contrary to federal and state laws, the IFR amends the
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The Irresponsible Inflation *Production* Act

The Biden Administration is gaslighting America by calling their $700+ billion liberal spending law the the “Inflation Reduction Act” when experts say it is likely to increase inflation through 2024 and do little to tame inflation after that. The measure should really be called the Inflation PRODUCTION Act. Notwithstanding Biden’s celebration of the Act, we know it will expand the deep
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