The President’s FY 2024 budget was just released; unfortunately, it represents more of the same Biden agenda, advocating for a wish list of radical Left ideas and advancing harmful policies at the expense of American families.

Just a few of the many out-of-touch ideological priorities and policies in the budget request are below:

  • Accelerating Out-of-Control Government Spending. Within 10 years, government spending will increase to about 25 percent of GDP under the proposed budget, adding another $17.7 trillion to our already unsustainable debt.
  • Killing American Jobs and Economic Growth. The payroll tax hike alone in Biden’s budget would kill 226,000 jobs, hurting all Americans through job losses and economic stagnation under the pretext of “raising taxes on the rich.”
  • Raising Energy Prices for Americans. Biden’s proposed $37 billion tax hike on American energy producers will cut jobs, increase pain at the pump, and increase foreign dependency on oil as the Administration continues draining millions of barrels of oil from our strategic reserve to sell to China and other foreign countries.
  • Driving Record Inflation Even Higher. Reckless government spending, tax-and-spend policies, and rising energy prices will make it even harder for American families to put food on their tables.
  • Taxing Small Businesses Into Bankruptcy. The budget proposes about $5.5 trillion in new taxes on many small businesses, driving a stake into the heart of the American economy.
  • Cutting Social Security. The Biden budget would allow the Social Security retirement trust fund to go bankrupt, automatically cutting 25 percent of benefits.
  • Keeping Borders Open and Vulnerable. Biden’s budget fails to prioritize American border security, cutting $600 million from the Department of Homeland Security and subjecting Americans to a future filled with crime, gangs, and fentanyl freely flowing across the border.
  • Increasing Unemployment and Government Dependency. There are 11 million job openings in America and 5.7 million unemployed individuals; the labor force participation rate now sits at its lowest rate in 46 years (excluding COVID). This budget grows the size and scope of government, promoting Americans’ continued dependence on government resources and programs.
  • Increasing Funding for Abortion Providers. The budget includes a 79 percent increase, $512 million, for the Title X Family Planning Program, increasing the number of patients served after removing previous pro-life safeguards that prevented these funds from going to abortion providers. The budget also openly advocates for overturning Dobbs to expand nationwide access to abortion, including chemical abortions.
  • Enriching Unelected Bureaucrats. The budget includes a guaranteed 5.2 percent pay raise for federal employees, as inflation eats away, growing portions of the paychecks of American workers across the country.
  • Sacrificing Fiscal Sanity for Woke Policy. The budget provides $3 billion to advance gender equity and equality; $90 million to fight “racist housing”; and $52.2 billion in Green New Deal spending for the “climate crisis,” including a “zero emission” fleet across 21 agencies and $4 billion for “net zero” research on heating and cooling, aviation, power grid development, and manufacturing.

These priorities do not reflect the needs of the American people, nor do they set our country on a trajectory for success. It is a good thing that the power of the purse is fully under the control of Congress. We will be working on Capitol Hill to ensure that the Biden Administration’s radical Left budget priorities are dead on arrival.