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Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal and Hold Iran Accountable
Instead of standing with the women of Iran, Biden continues to negotiate to re-enter the disastrous “Iran Deal” that would pave the way for an Iranian nuclear weapon in just a few short years. The deal would lift sanctions on the regime, helping finance their system of oppression and their global campaign of terror. Tell Congress to Act NOW!
Joe Biden’s radical open border policies have led to a tragic and unprecedented volume of fentanyl smuggling, sexual assault, human trafficking, and death. Tell Congress to hold Biden accountable for these unethical, reckless, and inhumane border policies.

Mission Statement

ACLJ Action is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization dedicated to liberty, constitutional government, and religious freedom. Our sister organization, the American Center for Law and Justice, has a 30-plus year history of fighting on behalf of its supporters in courtrooms across America. But our values are under threat now more than ever before as the radical left hijacks the media and government and drives our elected officials to support deeply un-American causes like socialism and communism; abortion on-demand; out of control spending; open borders; censorship; and deference to foreign powers intent on the destruction of the American way of life. In response to this challenge, ACLJ Action will push beyond the courtroom, throughout the halls of Congress, and into every state capital. We seek to shape the law before it is made and change the law when it needs changing, delivering positive results for our membership and for every American.