The Fight for Life Continues After Kansas

August 4, 2022

Tuesday, the pro-life movement suffered a disappointing defeat in Kansas. 

The radical pro-abortion Left spent nearly $10 million waging a deceitful campaign that was able to defeat the Value Them Both Amendment.

The Amendment would have allowed the state legislature to implement pro-life laws that have previously been struck down by the activist state supreme court. It would have given the people of Kansas a say on policies that protect women, children, and families.

This loss is devastating.

We knew this fight would be difficult as soon as the Dobbs decision was leaked.  Thanks to our members, ACLJ Action was able to step up and place digital ads urging Kansans to defend life by voting “YES”.

We learned a lesson. The abortion industry spent millions more spreading lies across the state.

We now expect even more funding to support abortion-on-demand in every state in the nation. This funding will make future legislative and electoral initiatives even harder, but rest assured that ACLJ Action will continue the fight for life. 

They might have won this battle in Kansas, but we know the forces of good can win the war to protect the unborn. 

We are already waging the next legislative battle and expanding our efforts in every state. But we can’t defeat the abortion lobby without your support.

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