The Biden EPA’s newly proposed rules are the harshest regulations ever on American cars. Their goal is to drive up the cost of regular cars, making them so expensive that you buy a pricey luxury electric vehicle or choose not to own a car at all. American families are already getting crushed by Biden’s disastrous inflationary policies and rising gas prices, and Biden is making everything even more expensive.

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule change on emissions would require up to two-thirds of new vehicles sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2032, the strictest standards ever proposed. The EPA is once again exceeding their authority by attempting to dictate national policy without congressional authorization. The proposal ignores America’s market dynamics, fails to consider current supply chain limitations, and ultimately increases the cost of cars for hardworking Americans and their families.

Forced compliance with stricter emissions regulations will increase costs for business equipment and operations, particularly for small businesses in the transportation industry. The EPA has acknowledged that compliance costs for manufacturers would be $6 billion and could include businesses spending thousands of additional dollars per business on zero-emissions vehicles. These burdensome regulations could lead many small businesses to cut jobs or even face bankruptcy, creating spillover effects that harm the rest of the economy. Increased transportation costs, for instance, could further drive up the cost of food for families across America at a time when they are already being crushed by record inflation.

Furthermore, China controls many critical materials for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, including inputs such as cobalt, graphite, manganese, and lithium. While rules issued under the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” exclude sourcing from “foreign entities of concern,” it is unclear how the stimulated increased demand for EVs will be met without relying on China’s production of critical minerals or EV batteries. While the Biden Administration might be attempting to incentivize domestic supply chain production, the mining and processing of critical minerals such as lithium remain time-consuming and constrained by strict domestic environmental laws – one of many significant regulatory barriers that will remain in place even after this rule goes into effect. I fear that implementing this rule will ultimately harm our domestic industry while enriching one of our chief geopolitical rivals.

Ultimately, Americans and their families are hurt by this rule because it seeks to increase the cost of gas-powered vehicles enough to make the less-affordable EVs more appealing. In an already inflationary environment, it is unconscionable to force American families to choose between owning a car or putting food on the table. President Biden must direct the EPA to withdraw this poorly considered proposal.